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 Dds Ur Milz Staff Application

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dds ur milz

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PostSubject: Dds Ur Milz Staff Application   Sun Mar 13, 2011 2:32 am

Position being applied for: Admin/Mod
In-Game Name: Dds ur Milz(Bilz)
Reason: I would like to mod because I play alot, I just started today and do
not expect you to read this or consider it valid for a while. I think
that after a week you will see that I help out a lot and I constantly
am looking to help other people rather then myself, I am willing to
donate a lot to the server(about $15-$20) a month. I have experience
on a couple of servers with the Mod position. I was moderator on
Banditpkz. a very large server with 300+ players at a time however,
this server shut down and I am now moderator on a smaller server
called d4rthscape. I host the forums for the server but I am willing
to give up on them because the owner doesn't do anything for the
server. From my experiences as a moderator I know how to manage a
large crowd quickly and efficiently. I am also willing to work with
other staff and create ideas to recruit new players for the server.
I simply would like to find a server that loves to host a great game
and geniunely cares about the server and its players. If I recieve
this postion I promise I will not abuse it and that I will try my best
at being the best moderator.
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Dds Ur Milz Staff Application
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