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 Money Making Guide

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PostSubject: Money Making Guide   Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:06 am

Hello players of OverloadX... Many of you wonder what is the best way of making money?
Well, I got the answer to that.
1. You will need the requirement to be able to kill a level 22 skeleton.
2. What you want to do is walk to the teleport next to Edgeville Bank.
3. Click on High Level Training and go to the teleport next to Uwogo then that should take you to the Skeletons...
4. Once your there your are going to want to kill the skeleton and check what it drops.
5. Once done, if it droped a thing called "Half Of a Key" Your going to pick that up.
6. After you got 2 types of Half Of a Key...Your are going to want to use them together then teleport to home....
7. After you teleport to home, Your going to go to the bank and use the "Crystal Key" on a chest that is north inside of the bank.
8.Once you have used the Key on the chest you should get a reward of money or a pair of gloves.

Hope to see you rich inside the game.
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Money Making Guide
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